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Why are Zelda launches so special?
I look at why the Zelda series is always relevant
Published on 09/11/2011

Like no other series, The Legend of Zelda commands a huge amount of respect every time a game launches, no matter the time frame in between releases. It has been 5 years since Twilight Princess hit store shelves, and only now are we getting close to the launch of the next major entry in the series, Skyward Sword, yet the hype levels for the game have never been higher. What makes the Zelda series so important that it can sustain a five year hiatus and still be relevant?

The answer lies mainly with the fans, who are among the most dedicated you will find in the entire industry. But there are other factors at play too, and in this article I take a look at the main reasons why the Zelda series will always have an aurora of mystery and magnificence every time a new entry in the series is released.

Speaking of which, Skyward Sword is less than two weeks away! I for one am incredibly excited about this game, and can't wait to get my hands on it again.

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What makes a Zelda launch so special?

There are few game launches that instantly command a degree of respect from the gaming community. A new console Zelda game is one of those privileged few, as the whole gaming world sits up and takes notice. It has been five years since we last entered Hyrule, and now we are on the verge of entering it once again. But why is it that despite this lengthy wait, the series is still fresh in people's minds and the game has managed to build-up an almost unheard of level of hype around it? The answer lies within the legacy of the series, and the fans that have followed it for so long.

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