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Sonic Boom announced!
A new Sonic cartoon is on the way
Published on 18/10/2013

Up until the DS era, I had never owned a Sonic game, but he has always been one of my favourite characters. The reason? The cartoons. I remember watching Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Underground as I was growing up, and loving everything about that. I’ve recently revisited both, and they’re still brilliant (in that 90s cartoon way).

So I am very excited about news of a brand new Sonic cartoon. I enjoyed Sonic X immensely, especially its treatment of the game storylines, so I’m hoping for something similar to that. A funny, colourful and most of all exciting cartoon is exactly what the franchise needs to get its name out there again, and as long as Sonic Boom ticks all those boxes, I’m sure it will be a fan favourite.

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