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Hydrophobia interview now live
My exclusive interview with Rob Hewson is now online
Published on 28/10/2011

Earlier today I posted up an exclusive first look at Dark Energy Digital's approaching PSN re-release of Hydrophobia Prophecy, and I am now proud to announce that the second part of my coverage of the game is now live!

I was fortunate to be able to speak with the Senior Creative Designer at Dark Energy, Rob Hewson, about the game leading up to its unveiling, and in the interview we discuss the conception of the game, the HydroEngine and where the series will be heading in the future. We also had a chance to discuss the curious similarities between the Wii U and Kate's MAVI, and the revelation that a Zelda jingle is making its way to the PS3!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for a review of the Steam release of Hydrophobia Prophecy.

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Rob Hewson (Dark Energy Digital) Interview

It is rare for a developer to even actively listen to fan feedback these days, but to actually take that feedback on board and re-release the game in an improved format is practically unheard of. That's exactly what Dark Energy Digital did with Hydrophobia, and with another series of improvements on the way with the coming release of Hydrophobia Prophecy on PSN next week, I spoke to Senior Creative Designer Rob Hewson about how this unique development process began, as well as discussing the game, and the future of the series.

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