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E3 2013 is coming!
Counting down the days to E3
Published on 04/06/2013

It's that time of the year again! It really doesn't seem that long ago that we were anticipating the true reveal of Wii U, only to be presented with a hefty demo of Luigi's Ghost Mansion. This year Nintendo are doing things a little differently, but the aim remains the same - sell Wii U.

It didn't really work last year, but this year they've got a real chance to right that. We're expecting news of a new Mario game, a new Mario Kart, Retro's project and a small game called Super Smash Bros. It's all very exciting, and could be the kick that Wii U needs to turn it around.

And that's before I mention Wind Waker HD... So much to look forward to!

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E3 2013 Is All About The Games

With a lack of quality and consistent software, Nintendo's next-gen console, Wii U, has struggled to get going. Nintendo Direct's of recent times have promised new titles, but these have yet to come to fruition in any meaningful way, leaving Wii U with very little software. With E3 looming, now is the time for Nintendo to relaunch Wii U with the quality software we know they can produce. With no new hardware to show, for Nintendo, this E3 is all about the games

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