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First NL Review
I take a look at LEGO Batman 2 on Wii U
Published on 31/05/2013

I've been writing for Nintendo Life for about a year now, so I felt it was about time to stretch my reviewing muscles once again. So here it is, my first review for Nintendo Life, and perhaps more notably, my first review that has counted towards a Metacritic score!

And I've got to admit, that bit adds a little bit of pressure to the whole job. It's easy to write a review, but when it comes to actually scoring the game, in an industry dominated by scores out of 10, it makes it that much more difficult when the score is fed into an official total. Still, the review basically read like the score, so in the end it was an easy decision - games don't just magically change their rating at the end!

As it is, LEGO Batman 2 is a fun game, but one that is largely overshadowed by LEGO City Undercover, a fate I fear could also befall LEGO Avengers. LEGO City is such a juggernaut, it could take years to beat it...

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