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Rayman Legends is (sort of) here!
I take a look at the Challenge App
Published on 28/04/2013

As anyone who has spoken to me in the past year will know, I am hugely excited about Rayman Legends. I absolutely loved Origins, and the chance of more of the same, only better, is something that I'm really anticipating. So when the game got delayed I was crestfallen. To be so close and have the game snatched from us was a heavy blow, and one I was worried the game wouldn't recover from.

The Rayman Legends Challenge App is Ubisoft's answer to this, and it is certainly a fun freebie. I've already sunk a few hours into it, and have thoroughly enjoyed this free slice of a much bigger game. But that's the problem really; we're all just waiting for that bigger game. It's a great freebie, and I'm sure I'll sporadically return to it, but the repetition is wearing me down and at this point, I just want to play Rayman Legends.

Ah well, only 4 months to go!

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If all had gone to plan, this would be a review of Rayman Legends itself, but as we know, Ubisoft delayed the games six months to coincide with a multi-platform release. In an effort to placate disappointed Wii U owners, Ubisoft have released the Rayman Legends Challenge App, a free download from the eShop. The question is, will this be enough to convince Wii U owners to still buy the game come August, or has the damage been done irrevocably?

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