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From LEGO Island to LEGO City
The ultimate realisation of my childhood
Published on 26/03/2013

My childhood was defined by LEGO. I recently found all my old sets and I'm amazed at the sheer quantity of it. I had everything from a Police Station to a huge football stadium, and along with that, I had a massive network of road plates. Clearly inspired by LEGO Island, I built a huge city of my own, with the sets making up the primary buildings. It was a huge project, and the pictures of it amaze me today, but it's that creativity that LEGO breeds.

So the announcement of LEGO City Undercover really was the realisation of a childhood dream for me. Always held back by space and materials, my city ended up topping out at the size of our loft, but LEGO City is almost boundless. From everything I've seen, it's the city that I would have built if resources had been limitless, and that makes me extremely excited.

Naturally these days, my time playing with LEGO has long passed, so I'm limited to the games. LEGO City Undercover is the game I've been waiting for since I packed my sets away a decade ago. I can't wait to just go exploring in a fully realised LEGO world!

To celebrate the impending release, I took a look back at the games that led up to the release of LEGO City Undercover, and how they ultimately influenced the game.

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This week sees the European release of LEGO City Undercover, a game that is being highly anticipated by many fans for a variety of reasons. Billing as Traveller's Tales first open-world LEGO game, the reality is really that it is the modern realisation of the very first LEGO game, LEGO Island. Dig a little deeper and it becomes apparent that LEGO City isn't just a celebration of all things LEGO, but also the ultimate evolution of a franchise that has been running since 1997.

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