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I'm a Wii U Owner!
My initial impressions of Nintendo's new home console
Published on 27/02/2013

This week I finally took the plunge and bought a Wii U. Despite the bad news regarding Rayman Legends and the obviously empty mid-year release schedule, the promise of Lego City Undercover and a revival come the end of the year convinced me to buy Wii U. Yet despite this I'm still not wholly convinced by it.

Miiverse is great, but aside from that, everything feels like intangible potential. Playing Nintendo Land with friends is undoubtedly fun, but they are at heart just tech demos and not full games. Everything points towards potential in the future, and it worries me that we're yet to see anything make use of this potential.

But this isn't a new scenario. The 3DS went through similar growing pains, and it is now one of the most popular consoles in the world. While I don't see Wii U sales suddenly exploding, I also don't see it tanking. Come Christmas there will be a Zelda game, a Yoshi game, Pikmin 3 and maybe even a new Mario game. And then we'll see Wii U come into its own. Third party software is a nice idea, but in the end, nothing is ever as good as Nintendo's own software. They just do everything their own way.

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