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Exclusive from Dark Energy Digital
Three exclusive screenshots of the re-release of Hydrophobia Prophecy
Published on 28/10/2011

Dark Energy Digital have today announced that their iteratively improving title Hydrophobia Prophecy will be launching on PSN next week, and courtesy of the developer themselves, I have three exclusive screenshots of the game in action to show you all.

Simply head through to the news story to see Kate Wilson in action, as the game improves for the third and perhaps last time. But that's not all! I also conducted an interview with Rob Hewson of Dark Energy Digital regarding the series, so keep an eye out for that later today.

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After iterating the series on the PC, Dark Energy Digital's Hydrophobia Prophecy gets one last shot at perfection with a re-release on PSN. We've got an exclusive first look at the game too, thanks to 3 exclusive screenshots from Dark Energy Digital themselves.

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