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A Look Back at 2012
I look back at a year dominated by the 3DS
Published on 22/01/2013

So here we are again, the start of a new year (yes I'm aware we're almost at the end of January, but I've been busy...) and that of course means looking back at the year just gone. 2012 was a particularly bad gaming year for me, due in large part to the death of Wii and Wii U just failing to find any reason to make it a desirable purchase. Add in there a couple of extremely disappointing titles and it's a year that in many ways should be forgotten.

You can find my full list in the article, but I wanted to draw particular attention to Kid Icarus: Uprising and Paper Mario: Sticker Star. In an era where Nintendo seem more keen on furnishing us with another Mario instalment that lacks the creativity of anything prior to it, it is refreshing and reassuring that both these games exist. Both games exhibit that stellar Nintendo quality that has been with us all so long, and shows that when it comes to the big games, Nintendo can deliver like always.

Another notable inclusion on the list is Mass Effect 3, which ends up rather higher than I originally expected. While I have a lot of negatives regarding the game, it's hard to disagree that it is a great experience, and taken as part of a greater whole, the end of a wonderful franchise. It's just a shame that the end was so bad! Hopefully 2013 doesn't see a repeat of that fiasco.

In terms of writing, 2012 was the year I made the move to Nintendo Life, a move I am continually glad I made. While I enjoyed my time with Nintendo-Okie immensely, the wider audience on Nintendo Life has been a great motivator, and I capped this year off with an article being mentioned in Satoru Shibata's Christmas message. It's still one of my biggest highlights ever, and something I'm incredibly proud of.

So onwards with 2013! The plan this year is to write more than ever, and while a career in writing may still be a distant dream, every article is another step in the right direction. I'm looking forward to what the year will bring, hopefully enough to warrant buying a Wii U, and I can't wait to see what great stories I get to write about. A belated happy New Year to you all!

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