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I Expect You in a Game Mr Bond!
Looking back at the best and worst of 007 on Nintendo platforms
Published on 19/01/2013

As a massive James Bond fan, the last year has been amazing. Continued celebrations for the 50th Anniversary of 007, along with the release of the frankly phenomenal Skyfall, have put the franchise back on top of the world. Despite all this goodwill however, 007 Legends was a commercial and critical failure, receiving almost universal negative reviews. So in an effort to restore 007's game popularity, I take a look back at the history of Bond and Nintendo.

When I originally researched this article, it amazed me just how intertwined the two companies are. Be it the release of Goldeneye, or the GameCube's continued appearance in the EA releases, Nintendo and Bond are never too far apart. What was also immediately obvious is that Eurocom's fate is linked to 007's. Throughout the company's history, Bond has never been too far behind, and the failure of 007 Legends coincided with the collapse of the company. Probably not a coincidence.

I am also currently playing through the series on GameCube, with Nightfire and From Russia With Love being my particular highlights. At the time of writing, I'm tackling Everything Or Nothing, which is certainly a change of pace!

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