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Mention from Shibata!
My latest article receives recognition from Nintendo Europe's President!
Published on 22/12/2012

Wow. I've been writing now for about a year for Nintendo Life, and the increase in readership on my articles has always been something I've been immensely proud of. There is after all, no point in writing if no-one reads it, and the guys at Nintendo Life have given me a great platform to write from. But never, ever, in my wildest dreams did I imagine someone at Nintendo would read my work. But they have. It's something I still can't quite believe has happened.

Penned as a fun look back at Nintendo Direct in 2012, my Memorable Nintendo Direct Moments feature gained a warm reception on Nintendo Life, with readers particularly enjoying the light-hearted nature of the feature (a style I particularly enjoyed experimenting with). And that I assumed was the end of it. That was until I received an e-mail from the Nintendo Life team urging me to read Nintendo Europe President Satoru Shibata's Christmas message.

In it he discussed a variety of topics, but in the middle of the message he mentions an article called Memorable Nintendo Direct Moments, the very same article I wrote! He thanks us for the inclusion of his singing in the article, saying how nervous he was. What a moment! The realisation that Nintendo Europe's President read MY article, and that it resonated with him enough to mention it is something that I still haven't come to terms with. It's an incredible achievement for me personally, and something I never thought possible.

Obviously it wouldn't have been possible without the Nintendo Life team, who have my thanks, and of course Satoru Shibata, who took the time out of his day to actually read my article and note his inclusion. Thank you to everyone that made it possible, this is an amazing moment for me and one that is hopefully the sign of bigger and better things to come!

The Nintendo Life article mentioning the Christmas message can be found at

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Memorable Nintendo Direct Moments

2012 was a big year for Nintendo, and to get such vast quantities of information across, Nintendo Direct became a regular feature. But alongside the news came a rarely seen side of Nintendo, a side that was full of comedy moments. In this article, I take a look back at ten of the best moments from Nintendo Direct this year, including such classic moments as Iwata's Wii U unboxing, Shibata singing and of course, Non-Specific Action Figure.

This article proved extremely popular, so much so that Nintendo Europe's President, Satoru Shibata, mentioned his inclusion in it during his Christmas message.

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