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The Best of Nintendo Direct
Celebrating the funniest Nintendo Direct moments of 2012
Published on 15/12/2012

We all love Nintendo Direct right? Be it the quirky nature of absolutely everything that happens in the show, or the fact that for the first time ever we're getting regular news from Nintendo, there's something for everyone in the shows. And just what is it with staring at fruit and veg?

Nintendo Direct has been an amazing resource this year for fans, and to celebrate a big year for the show, I got the opportunity to look back at the show's ten best moments. And believe me, it was hard to just pick ten!

From the almighty Non-Specific Action Figure, to Iwata's unboxing video, to the vocal powerhouse of Satoru Shibata singing Call Me Maybe, it has been a brilliant year for Nintendo, and one that will hopefully continue well into the future. After all, we all want to see more of Lego Iwata!

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Memorable Nintendo Direct Moments

2012 was a big year for Nintendo, and to get such vast quantities of information across, Nintendo Direct became a regular feature. But alongside the news came a rarely seen side of Nintendo, a side that was full of comedy moments. In this article, I take a look back at ten of the best moments from Nintendo Direct this year, including such classic moments as Iwata's Wii U unboxing, Shibata singing and of course, Non-Specific Action Figure.

This article proved extremely popular, so much so that Nintendo Europe's President, Satoru Shibata, mentioned his inclusion in it during his Christmas message.

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