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Duck Hunt on Wii U?
I look at the possibility of old franchises making a return
Published on 24/11/2012

Whether you love or hate the controls in Kid Icarus: Uprising, there is absolutely no denying that the game was a victorious return for Pit, and has put the series up there with some of the Nintendo greats. With Wii U now just around the corner, could it be that we're on the verge of seeing some more franchises revived?

For me, it was amazing that we never saw Duck Hunt revived on Wii. It is, after all, essentially an early concept for the Wii Remote, and it would have undoubtedly caused some buzz if it had returned. So perhaps one for Wii U? This got me thinking about other franchises, most notably Ice Climbers which I mention in detail, and how they could return on Wii U. There's certainly potential for some revivals in the coming years!

This article was a lot of fun to write, and allowed me to really be creative with the ideas phase. Let's just hope Nintendo take note and make some of these games!

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