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Interviewing the Paper Mario Team
I get a rare opportunity to ask some questions to the team behind the approaching 3DS release
Published on 13/11/2012

Interviews are a rare treat for games journalists, a unique opportunity to question those that create the games that we all love. Interviewing Nintendo or anyone associated with the big N is an even greater treat, but that's exactly bestowed upon the Nintendo Life team this week, as we got a chance to question the creators of Paper Mario: Sticker Star about the game prior to release.

Now I'm a massive Paper Mario fan, perhaps even more than the main franchise these days, so I am incredibly excited about the new game. And while the interview was done strictly by e-mail, being a part of the question process was a great experience. I feel honoured to be able to be even a small part of the interview process, and to see the team answering questions I personally asked is an amazing feeling.

The interview is a great read, and my question on voice acting received a brilliantly insightful answer from the team, so be sure to check that one out!

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Paper Mario: Sticker Star Interview

With the release of Nintendo's highly anticipated Paper Mario: Sticker Star approaching, the Nintendo Life team were lucky enough to be offered the chance to ask some questions to the team behind the game. I was asked to submit some questions for use in the interview, many of which were answered by the team. It's an informative interview, gaining a unique insight into Nintendo's approach to voice acting and dialogue amongst other things.

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