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End of an Era
I look back at the Wii generation
Published on 23/10/2012

After enjoying my time with the GameCube immensely, the following generation was always going to have a hard time beating it. Yet on day one, I was in line outside my local GAME to pick up my brand new Wii console, after saving for it for over a year. It's safe to say Wii got off on the right foot with me, and I spent the next few weeks completely enthralled by Wii Sports and Twilight Princess.

Six years on and we sit on the verge of Wii U, yet many see Wii as a failure. For me, that's hard to understand. It is true that there have been some difficult times over the past few years, times when even I have questioned Nintendo's strategy. But the simple fact remains that the Wii had a stellar library and saw some of the best games ever made.

Both Mario Galaxy titles stand above almost everything ever released, Skyward Sword is the king of motion control games and titles such as Wii Sports continue to be fun even to this day. Wii was a brilliant, if flawed system.

Did it beat GameCube though? For me, no. The games on GameCube still feel fresher than Wii, which at times relied on the tried and tested rather than introducing new concepts. Will Wii U beat Wii? Only time will tell.

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