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Time for a Return
I look at Wii U and Nintendo's biggest franchises
Published on 13/10/2012

The Wii was, aside from the abundance of casual games, a brilliant system. It was the system that gave us Super Mario Galaxy, Skyward Sword and Prime 3, while also bringing back Donkey Kong Country and the traditional Kirby platformer. But what of the others?

Nintendo's backlog is huge, spanning numerous IPs and brilliant franchises, but curiously many of the bigger ones simply failed to appear on the Wii. So where are they? In my latest article I take a look at five of them that have been absent since GameCube or earlier, and speculate on what form they could take on Wii U.

Once again all ideas are my own, as is the artwork. It turns out it is particularly difficult to create HD-style artwork for 10 year old games!

As far as the choices go, I tried to pick franchises that are big and have a history of appearing on Nintendo's consoles. F-Zero and Star Fox are obvious choices, and Mario Golf has been a curious absentee in the last generation. Yoshi is also a strange absentee, especially after the popularity of his previous games. And finally Wave Race, which narrowly beat out 1080 for a spot in the list by having a more established franchise.

One of key considerations on the list was the fact that we were looking at major franchises - plans are already in motion to do this again with legacy franchises, so don't worry Ice Climbers fans!

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