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Hydrophobia Prophecy (PC) reviewed
My coverage of Hydrophobia Prophecy concludes with a review
Published on 29/10/2011

After the big announcement from Dark Energy Digital regarding the PSN release of Hydrophobia Prophecy next week along with an exclusive interview I conducted with Rob Hewson, today I am concluding my Hydrophobia coverage with a review of the second iteration of the game on Steam.

In summary, the game is extremely impressive but has a few pacing issues which hurt it, but beyond that, the game is an absolute joy to play. Just hit the link on the right to take a look at why it deserves an impressive 8/10!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Dark Energy Digital for their support this week (and for retweeting the articles on Twitter), and I look forward to working with them in the future.

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Hydrophobia Prophecy (PC) Review

Hydrophobia's initiation into the gaming world was a troubled one, with mixed reviews tarnishing an otherwise enjoyable game. Undeterred, developer Dark Energy Digital took the time to look at this fan feedback and fix all the complaints in time for the game's Steam release as Hydrophobia Prophecy. With improved gameplay, a reworked plot and the addition of many new features, can this re-release of the original make good on the promise of the original, or is it destined to sink without a trace?

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