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One last puzzle
Will Layton 6 be the Professor's final puzzle?
Published on 12/09/2012

The Professor Layton series is something of a curiosity to me. I had heard so much about the series, but there was something unappealing to me about solving puzzles to advance in the game. Despite being a huge fan of the DS era, the whole Brain Training craze never took hold on me.

Wind forward to last year, and I'm getting a train back home. I wander into GAME and look through the pre-owned DS section where I find the first Layton game at a bargain price. Having heard so much good about it, I figured it was worth a shot and if nothing else it would entertain me on the way home.

A year later, I now own and have completed every game and comfortably rank it among my favourite franchises. I've literally read everything about the series since I discovered it, so the recent news that Layton 6 could be the last adventure for the titular Professor is something of a shock to me.

Personally I think the series has much more potential going forward, which inspired this article. In it, I take a look at the future of the series, ranging from spin-off games to more movies, while also looking at the little-known about novels released in Japan. It might just be me, but I would love to read them.

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The Future of Professor Layton

Be it the engaging stories or the brilliantly addictive puzzles, it's hard to deny that the Layton series has a certain charm to it that transcends the typical puzzle genre. But all good things come to an end, and we recently learned that the next game in the series will be the last to star the titular Professor. But will this be the end of the series or will the spirit of Layton live on? I take a look at the ways in which the series can live on after the sixth game, examining everything from spin-offs to films to novels. After all, a true gentleman leaves no puzzle unsolved.

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