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3DS Needs More Content
Is gaming enough for Nintendo any more?
Published on 16/07/2012

I'm back! Apologies for not blogging much/posting much over the past few weeks; it has been a very busy month! Aside from the big change over to Nintendo Life, I've been busy myself, meaning article ideas have taken a bit longer than normal to come to fruition, but now I'm back and should be getting articles published a bit more regularly from now on.

Aside from my big new feature, I've also been doing some smaller group features for Nintendo Life - be sure to check them out next time you're on the site. I also want to take this moment to thank everyone for such a warm welcome on the site!

Anyway, onto today's article. I was playing on my 3DS a few weeks ago when I realised something. Despite Nintendo's E3 promises in 2010, we're yet to really see 3D content on the system, beyond of course, the Kid Icarus: Uprising shorts. So that got me thinking; do Nintendo really need 3D content on the 3DS?

The answer is of course, yes, and that is the crux of my new article. In it, I take a look at how the gaming landscape has changed over the past generation, and look at whether the 3DS XL is in fact the solution to Nintendo's problems. Could it really be the 3D entertainment platform that can bring Nintendo up to speed with their competitors?

Perhaps, but that obviously depends on Nintendo. Take a look at the article and decide for yourself!

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