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Playing Classic Rayman
I take a look back at the genesis of Rayman
Published on 26/06/2012

After playing the hugely enjoyable Rayman Origins last year, I've become increasingly interested in previous Rayman series entries. So it was good timing from Ubisoft to offer me a copy of the original Rayman on Game Boy Color to review, and I have to say, it was great.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I booted it up, and while it is naturally more basic than Origins, Rayman felt instantly akin to the more modern title, showing off the genesis of Rayman's trademark gameplay style and abilities. The game was quite simply fun, and given the technical limitations, still stands up to scrutiny today.

It's great to see old franchises given a new lease of life by franchise reboots, and with Origins continuing to get good press, now is the perfect time to play some classic Rayman series entries.

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