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What Is Wii U?
Months from launch, and there's still a lot to find out
Published on 20/06/2012

Before E3 2012 I was incredibly excited about Wii U. After it however, I had a lot more questions than answers, and if anything, have begun to think about maybe missing the system's launch. E3 2012 really was a missed opportunity for Nintendo, as they didn't really answer any questions, but instead focussed on reinforcing the tech demos we had seen a year earlier.

For me, I need to see how the GamePad will change the way I play single player games. Asymmetric gameplay is all well and good, but what about playing a new Mario 3D title with the GamePad? How is that better on Wii U than on say, the GameCube? These are issues that Nintendo cleared up early in the Wii's lifecycle, but have completely ignored with the unveiling of Wii U.

There's also the release date, price, hardware specs, online capabilities and even the launch line-up still to be unveiled, which in total, results in a system mere months away from launch, but lacking any real information. So with that in mind, this week I take a look at what Nintendo need to deal with in the coming months, and how they can advertise this information effectively.

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Marketing Wii U

With just four months to go until Wii U's anticipated release, Nintendo find themselves in an odd situation. After a lacklustre E3 where very little was revealed, Nintendo now have a small window in which to convince the world that Wii U is a worthwhile investment, and more importantly, show us why it is the next step in gaming. That's a lot to cover in the coming months, but with a pro-active marketing campaign, it is certainly achieveable. Regardless of the means though, Nintendo have to get this information out as soon as possible.

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