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What Has Happened To Wii?
Have Nintendo given up on their currrent home console?
Published on 15/06/2012

I've had my Wii since day one, and after queuing up at a ridiculous time of morning to collect it, I've had some great times with the console. But over the last 2 years, the system has lost momentum, and Nintendo have begun to shift focus onto Wii U, so much so that the last triple A title that was released for Wii was Skyward Sword last year.

What's more concerning though is that there is nothing on the horizon for Wii. As Nintendo's best selling console I assumed I would get some life out of it in 2012, but as it stands the console has gone untouched for some time now, and I haven't bought a game for it since Skyward Sword. This isn't how it was meant to end.

I'd like to think there is one last hurrah for Wii before Wii U steams in, but with E3 passing, it seems unlikely. It has been a loyal servant these past 5 years, and despite the lows, the highs have been great. Thank you Wii, it has been fun.

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E3 has passed us by for another year, but for the first time since 2005, Wii was missing from the show. Despite it being Nintendo's current lead home console, Wii has vanished from Nintendo's plans for the future, and if you didn't know better, you would not know the system even existed based on E3 this year. So with that in mind, can we now declare the Wii dead? Or is there life left in the console that ushered in a revolution in gaming back in 2006?

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