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The End of E3
Is E3 beginning to lose its relevance?
Published on 14/06/2012

This year's E3 had me more excited than any E3 recently. Not only were we promised a brand new Nintendo system, but we'd also get a chance to see Nintendo IPs in HD for the first time and understand Nintendo's bold new vision for the future of gaming. Only we didn't. And instead we got SiNG. What went wrong?

For me, E3 has changed. We're now seeing conferences all about spectacle thanks to the new TV audience, and as a result, the time for simple demos has gone. Instead we're seeing a much more mass market focussed event which aims to get people excited about the near future, rather than showing teasers for Metroid 2014. The event has changed.

But personally, I felt Nintendo saved E3 thanks to two key events. The first was the pre-E3 Nintendo Direct, which I thought was a perfect platform to speak to their core audience without the frills of the conference getting in the way. The second was their 3DS conference, which felt like the conferences of old, just on a smaller scale. Maybe in the future we will see E3 shifting its focus, or at the very least, see a more varied conference line-up.

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