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E3 2012: Event Review
I take a look back at an uninspiring E3 this year
Published on 06/06/2012

E3 2012 is wrapping up, and it has been a somewhat lacklustre week all round. Despite the traditional hype surrounding gaming's biggest week, almost everything we saw was a known quantity prior to E3, taking away one of the biggest draws of E3, the surprise factor.

Nintendo showed off the launch window line-up for Wii U this year, but unfortunately beyond the confusing and incredibly dull presentation of Nintendo Land, was essentially a retread of last year's sizzle reel. The 3DS didn't fare much better, with games we already knew about being shown off again, albeit in far more detail than ever before.

Nonetheless, the content shown this year was good, and the Wii U looks set to have one of the biggest and best launch line-ups ever seen on a Nintendo platform. But the delivery of this content at E3 has to be improved next year - too many people are coming away from the show confused or even plain annoyed by Nintendo's Wii U showing, detracting from an otherwise positive message Nintendo managed to convey this year.

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E3 2012: Wii U's Statement of Intent

2012 marks the release of Nintendo's next home console in the form of Wii U, so E3 2012 naturally became the console's first big proving ground. The conference however failed to show us exactly what the Wii U can do, and while the quality of the games shown was clear, many were left wanting more from the system. But despite all this, the conference indicated a clear statement of intent from Nintendo regarding how the Wii U will move forwards, a statement that looks set to help them once again dominate the gaming market.

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