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Sonic Retrospective now live
I take a look back at 20 years of Sonic as Generations releases
Published on 02/11/2011

It's been a year of celebration for SEGA, as their main mascot has reached the illustrious age of 20. The celebration of Sonic the Hedgehog's 20th Anniversary culminates in the release of Sonic Generations this week, and to celebrate the peak of the hugely successful celebrations, I took a look back at every major Sonic game over the past 20 years in a retrospective feature. It's a tale of success, failure and redemption against all the odds.

Looking back at the series, it really is hard to see why the Sonic series is considered to be average at best currently. My best guess is that those of us who remember the pre-2005 games are steadfast fans of the series, whereas gamers who have come on board later only have memories of the ill-conceived Shadow the Hedgehog and the failure that was Sonic 2006. Nonetheless, the recent Sonic games prove that SEGA do know what they're doing, and I am extremely optimistic this will continue in Sonic Generations this week.

This was an extremely enjoyable article to write, and I hope my love of the series does come through in the article. It's something I think gamers should be proud of. Hit the link on the right to give it a read!

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