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3DS eShop gets an update
The eShop gets an update and keeps getting better
Published on 25/04/2012

The eShop has been a pleasant surprise for me. I've never been a huge fan of digital download titles, preferring instead to stick with full game experiences, and of course the great boxart that comes with a retail game. But the eShop is such a slick system that it is difficult to not want to use it.

The most recent update made the interface even simpler to use, and also coincided with my most recent purchase on the store - Colors 3D. What a fantastic little app that is. I recently bought a graphics tablet for my PC, but Colors 3D is making a real stand against it. It's simple, fun to use and best of all you can create 3D drawings. Ok so it's not as robust as say Photoshop, but for a fiver, you can't go wrong.

So with all that in mind, this week I take a look at whether the Wii U eShop could be an unexpected hit when it launches later this year. After all, no one expected the 3DS eShop to become so good.

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Nintendo have always been criticised for their slow uptake of digital sales, and given the difficulty of simply navigating the Wii and DSi Shops, a lot of this criticism is warranted. But with the 3DS, things are starting to go right. The eShop is a simple, but highly intuitive shop, allowing easy navigation and the ability to find the games that you want to play at all times. With this in mind, and a range of updates planned, could the eShop actually end up being a key selling point for Wii U?

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