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Let's-a go... again
Could Mario do with some time away from the spotlight?
Published on 11/04/2012

Mario has been a huge influence in my life. Super Mario All-Stars was the first game to truly capture my imagination, and could arguably be traced back as the causal factor as to why I now write about games. Super Mario Sunshine was the reason I got a GameCube over a PS2, and Galaxy is the game that really sold the idea of subtle motion controls to me. For me, Super Mario games define generations, but have Nintendo become reliant on it?

When I played Super Mario 3D Land, I didn't get that wow factor I typically get with Mario games. It may have been the concurrent release with Skyward Sword, but going back to it now the wow factor still isn't there. For me, 3D Land feels somewhat derivative of its predecessors, taking a handful of previously used ideas, slapping on a Boomerang Suit and calling it a job well done. It speaks volumes for the cutting room floor that this can even be achieved, but the fact is, Mario is starting to become derivative.

In my second article for Nintendo Life, I take a look at this and discuss whether or not Nintendo need to take a break from Super Mario titles for a while to help freshen it up.

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