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Kid Icarus Wii U
I'm enjoying Uprising so much I look at a potential Wii U version
Published on 04/04/2012

I'm thoroughly enjoying my time with Kid Icarus: Uprising, far more than I imagined I would. After playing it at two separate events and failing to acclimatise to the controls, I completely switched off from the game and decided not to get it. But then I watched the Medusa Trailer and I was hooked again. The power of a good trailer eh?

The humour was what caught my attention, as it's just the sort of thing I find hilarious. And as an added bonus, the game is absolutely brilliant. The controls have their shortcomings yes, but overall the experience is absolutely brilliant - I'd arguably say that it's the best thing Nintendo have produced since Skyward Sword, although I'm still unsure on my overall view of Super Mario 3D Land.

But I digress. The brilliance and scope of the game got me thinking this week - with all the delays the game suffered, could Nintendo have ported it to Wii U and used it as a launch game? I for one can't wait for a sequel (yes already!) and given how long Sakurai takes to make games, it's an interesting concept to consider a Wii U version of Uprising.

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