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A year with the 3DS
I look back on a varied debut year for the 3DS
Published on 28/03/2012

Me and my 3DS have had an interesting relationship in the past year. Prior to the 3DS I had never bought a handheld console on day one, mainly because I use handhelds on the move and as such like to have a wide variety of games to play. But seeing as I don't get as much of an opportunity to play games on the move any more, and the fact that the 3DS seemed more home console than pure handheld, I decided to give it a go. And it didn't start well.

The first few weeks I used it non-stop, and showed off the impressive AR/3D effects to everyone who would humour me. But then the rot set in, and with no new games my 3DS just sat on its cradle, charging indefinitely. It was a sad sight, yet managed to get some use over the Summer with Ocarina of Time 3D and various system updates. But after that, once again it ended up charging...

And then November came, and Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7 and to a lesser extent, Sonic Generations, all got me playing my 3DS again non-stop. More recently Kid Icarus: Uprising has me glued to the system, and finally a year on, the 3DS seems like a worthwhile buy. It's a shame we had such a rough relationship, but I love the system now and finally understand Nintendo's vision for it.

Anyway, this week I take a look at the first year of the 3DS and what Nintendo need to learn from it.

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