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Mass Effect 3: The Ending
My thoughts on the finale of the epic sci-fi adventure
Published on 21/03/2012

So it's about time I properly tackled the Mass Effect 3 ending really isn't it? So here it is. I'm out in defence of the Retake ME3 movement, and in my latest article I attempt to clear up some of the confusion that seems to have built up around the movement.

The simple fact is that the ending isn't actually that bad. But you have to understand what is happening. The currently accepted theory and the one I buy into is that Shepard is undergoing an indoctrination attack from Harbinger, making the entirety of the final sequence essentially a dream. That's all fine, but the fact that the game ends is the problem to me. We get no closure. We don't even see if the Reapers are defeated. For all we know Shepard dies and the Reapers continue unopposed.

But the gaming media is reporting it as though the Retake ME3 movement is simply attacking BioWare and demanding complete rewrite. Nothing could be further from the truth, and in this article I attempt to dispel those rumours entirely. The movement simply wants answers.

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