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Mass Effect reaches the end
I review the epic conclusion to this fantastic trilogy
Published on 21/03/2012

Mass Effect 3 probably takes the place of my most anticipated game ever. While I only discovered the Mass Effect series last year, the world instantly captured me, and after cruising through the first two games in a month, I had to wait almost a year for the conclusion. And honestly, the last two weeks were almost unbearable.

Now that it's here, what do I think of it? Brilliant. It's an absolute masterpiece of a game that not only captured my attention solidly for a week of brilliant gameplay, but it also tells a brilliant story and brings everything together in a coherent way. ME3 shows exactly why the series should be considered part of the sci-fi elite, and I really can't wait to see where they take the series next.

There is of course the matter of the ending to consider, but I'll share my views on that in a future blog. For now, check out the review!

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