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Remakes: What do you think?
I open up the question of remakes to the gaming community
Published on 07/03/2012

The 3DS launch was dominated by upgraded titles with 3D effects bolted on. It is a growing trend in the games industry that franchises that are in a period of decline or in between major titles see the release of a remake of a classic game, and it is a trend that I have been looking at over the past few weeks.

While I'm not wholly against the idea, I do think new ideas need to be more forthcoming in the games industry and the remake culture doesn't help that. Over the past two weeks I looked at both sides of the argument, and this week I opened it up to the community, and asked, are remakes a good idea or not?

The response was surprisingly diverse. While I expected a very vocal outcry against from a few I was surprised how many people rallied to the defence of remakes, with some going as far to suggest it was the best way for series to grow. It certainly spawned a few great discussions across the internet, and gave me an answer to the question; we just don't know. The simple fact is sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't, it just comes down to individual titles.

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