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GAME Group in trouble
I guest on a podcast to discuss GAME's problems
Published on 27/02/2012

The UK has a unique situation where there is only one specialist gaming retailer found across the country. With the GAME Group buying out Gamestation, something that in my mind has ruined the retail market, and with Zavvi and various other stores closing down, the choice for retail gamers has never been smaller. And that is why the risk of the GAME Group closing down is a real problem for the UK.

This week the problems increased for the retail giant, with the continuing saga of the company's lost credit insurance meaning that Tekken 3D and The Last Story have joined the likes of Metal Gear HD and Ubisoft's Vita line-up as games that will not be being stocked. The news has angered many fans who had pre-orders in for these games, only to find out the day before that the games were not going to be stocked.

So with that in mind, I was asked back onto the Nintendo-Okie podcast to discuss the problem from the UK and give the American audience a broader idea of what is happening. In the podcast we discuss the situation, the potential problems it will cause and how serious an issue it really is.

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Nintendo-Okie Podcast - Episode 105

It has been well documented recently that UK gaming retailer GAME is in financial trouble. By losing their credit insurance they are now struggling to stock some of the biggest new releases, ultimately leading to fears of the chain closing down. To get a more focussed look on the problem, I guest star on this week's Nintendo-Okie podcast, discussing the problem from a UK perspective. I appear in the podcast from the 1:41:00 mark.

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