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The positives of remakes
I look at why remakes are a good idea
Published on 22/02/2012

The news I broke last week about the fan campaign to get Nightfire remade for new consoles has got me thinking - are remakes really a good idea or are they simply a shameless cash-grab from publishers? To answer that question I'm taking a look at both sides of the argument over the next couple of weeks.

First up is the case for remakes, a topic which surprisingly has a lot going for it. While writing this I shifted my view of remakes to one of being slightly in favour. It gives old games a chance to become what they always should and were meant to be, and gives tired franchises a second shot but without wasting development time.

It's an interesting topic and next week I'll return with reasons against remakes. In the meantime, please leave a comment on the article - I'll be following up these articles with a further community driven one to see what the gaming consensus is.

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