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Mario & Sonic 3DS review live
The duo head to 3DS for the Olympics, with very mixed results
Published on 21/02/2012

I have to admit, I was disappointed with Mario & Sonic 2012 on the Wii. While the console versions have been steadily declining over the years, I was hopeful that the 2012 edition would salvage it, but alas, it didn't. But while the console versions are in decline, based upon the Winter Olympics game, the handheld series is only getting stronger. And then Mario & Sonic 2012 arrived on 3DS.

Now I can see what they're shooting for here but they have completely missed the point. One of the charms of Winter Olympics was that it was a much more single player focussed edition of the console game, allowing you to do everything the console did but tied together with a neat story mode. For 2012, SEGA have stripped out the similarities to the console version and presented the majority of the games as simple rapid-fire micro games, making a title much more akin to WarioWare than the console version.

The story mode suffers from this as a result, bringing down what is a nicely presented and somewhat humorous adventure to wading through endless text and completing a 3 second event. It's a real shame that the game has ended up so average. Hopefully SEGA will rectify this for the inevitable 2014 Winter Olympics game. I'll see you all then.

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After 2011's multiplayer focussed Mario & Sonic 2012 title, single players were naturally hopeful of a good release on the 3DS, especially on the back of the Winter Olympics game. This however has not happened. Mario & Sonic 2012 on 3DS falls into the mini-game category, replacing full Olympic events with select slices of each event which take mere seconds to complete. Despite this though, the game has sharp presentation values and a few unique uses of the 3DS hardware that prevent it from being a complete disaster.

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