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ME3 countdown ending
My most anticipated game of 2012 is almost here
Published on 15/02/2012

I discovered Mass Effect about a year ago, and there is no denying that I was captivated by the world that BioWare created. Being a huge sci-fi fan, the original Mass Effect was exactly the sort of game I was looking for, and proved to be one of my favourite games of all time thanks to its unique blend of exploration and combat, and a brilliant story as a bonus. Mass Effect 2 stripped out a lot of what I loved about the original, the exploration, the expansive cities and a coherent story, and replaced it with a more combat orientated experience which realistically wasn't what I was looking for. Nonetheless, the world that BioWare created saved the game for me, and despite its flaws (not technical flaws I should add) it still remains one of my favourite games.

Mass Effect 3 then is easy to place as my most anticipated game of 2012, and in just over 3 weeks gamers across the world will be entering the Mass Effect universe once again to take down the Reapers once and for all. I'm really excited as a Winter without playing the series made me forget what I love about it. Watching videos back now reminded me - the character interaction is what makes this special.

So with that in mind, this week I take a look at why you should care about Mass Effect 3 and also look at whether this is a good jumping in point for newcomers like BioWare suggest it is.

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Finishing the Fight

This week sees the release of the Mass Effect 3 demo and with it begins the final countdown to the finale of one of the most ambitious gaming projects in recent times. But as this is the finale, and with the previous game becoming a memory, what is there this time to make players come back, and perhaps more importantly, bring new people in? Thankfully, BioWare have a proven skill that will make this a success, and with the set-up already done for this game, there is a lot of content for everyone to enjoy.

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