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Pit returns in a month
Kid Icarus Uprising is almost here after a very long wait
Published on 08/02/2012

Until recently I had never played the original Kid Icarus, yet thanks to Super Smash Bros Brawl, when Pit appeared on screen at E3 2010 and said "sorry to keep you waiting", I was as happy and excited about the game as someone who had played the original at launch. But now I'm not.

Having played the game at both the 3DS pre-launch event and Eurogamer Expo, I have come across the same problem twice - the controls don't work well. It makes for an awkward and uncomfortable experience and has taken my excitement from high to almost non-existent. With all the other strange announcements coming out for the game I am becoming more and more concerned that this is going to be a mess of a title, and not the glorious return we hoped for. As it stands, I'm probably not even going to get it at launch, not unless the controls have a marked improvement over the E3 build.

In today's article I take a look at how Nintendo have rebooted the franchise successfully, while also looking at some potential missteps they have made along the way.

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Rebooting Kid Icarus

The original 1986 Kid Icarus was a game that took selections from Nintendo's big three franchises and put them together to create a unique platformer. In 2010, Nintendo revealed a new Kid Icarus, Kid Icarus Uprising, heralding the return of Pit for the first time in over a two decades. Thanks to numerous delays, the game is only now approaching release, but as we near Pit's return, should we be worried about the end result? After all, this isn't the Kid Icarus we remember, this is essentially a brand new IP.

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