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Is DLC the way forward?
Nintendo need to tackle DLC the right way with Nintendo Network
Published on 01/02/2012

DLC is something I don't agree with at all. Why should I pay for something that should be all rights be in the £40 game I just went out and bought? Mass Effect 2 was the first real time I invested in DLC, and only then because I wanted to experience the story in full. Games such as DiRT3 remain without DLC on principle - I'm not paying another £5 for a bunch of new tracks no matter how much I want to race around the Monaco mountain sides.

It's clear that DLC in a game you enjoy is a brilliant way of getting just a bit extra from it. Portal 2's Peer Review DLC is one of my favourite expansions ever, and the expansion packs for Civ IV created an absolute masterpiece of a game with significant improvements. What I don't agree with though is needless DLC which adds a few more tracks, or just throws in a new character. And now Nintendo are in on the game.

The announcement of Nintendo Network is naturally fantastic news, but the big thing for me is that Nintendo are now talking about DLC. This needs to be done right. There's no denying that Nintendo will continue to release games of the upmost quality, but DLC needs to make sense to be a worthwhile investment, so what can Nintendo do? In this article I take a look at what they can do to make worthwhile DLC, and in the process convince myself that DLC from Nintendo could be the most exciting thing to happen to the company in many years. Just imagine the possibilities...

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What will Nintendo DLC look like?

DLC is an area that Nintendo have no experience of, and it's one that they're going to have to learn quickly as the announcement of Nintendo Network also confirmed the ability to enable DLC in games. So what can Nintendo offer on the downloadable content market? From a company that demands perfection at launch, DLC will only come in the form of optional content, and there are a variety of exciting options available to Nintendo for their big three franchises.

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