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Prince of Persia reviewed
The classic comes to the 3DS VC, and fails to match the original
Published on 28/01/2012

The Virtual Console is a risky place for developers - games that were popular in the past have no guarantee that they'll be considered good in the present day. The original Prince of Persia however has proven time and time again that it can transcend time and be considered an all-time classic, unless it seems, it is the Game Boy Color port.

It's not entirely a bad game, it just suffers from some unresponsive controls that may or may not be down to the porting process. It's too late at this stage to be able to tell, but this really is an example of when the Virtual Console service fails a bit. If the developer could just go back and tweak it the game would be great, but with the VC you get the whole original game, good and bad points included.

Anyway, click the link on the right to read my full thoughts on the game.

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Prince of Persia (3DS VC) Review

The 1989 original Prince of Persia is widely considered as a landmark in game design. Weeks of work resulted in one of the most accurate depictions of movement in a video game ever, and coupled with some challenging puzzles resulted in a classic gaming experience. 3DS owners can now experience again through the 3DS VC, but unfortunately the GBC port just doesn't match up to the original in terms of quality.

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