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Sonic Generations 3DS Review live
Sonic celebrates 20 years in three dimensions
Published on 07/12/2011

Sonic Generations on PC has to be up there as one of my favourite games of the year, and in terms of nostalgia value, one of my favourite games of all time. It really is the perfect example of how to execute a celebratory title with style. With that in mind, the 3DS version of Sonic Generations has a lot riding on it, after all, it is underpowered compared to the HD version. And unfortunately it seems that it received a lot less love and attention than its console counterpart.

The thing is, Sonic Generations 3DS isn't inherently a bad game, it just suffers from some bad design choices. The Dreamcast Era for example has no place in this game, yet it is present, and Classic Sonic learning the homing attack is a decision that should never have got past the drawing board. When it works, the game is great fun and is highly recommended, but when it doesn't, the game is downright frustrating to play. It is a game that fundamentally has an identity crisis, and I'm amazed that after so many good handheld games, SEGA have managed to go so wrong at such a critical time.

Hit the link on the right to read my full review of the game, but be warned, the game gets a lot of criticism!

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Despite having a rough time on consoles, the Sonic series has flourished on Nintendo handhelds. Sonic Advance and Sonic Rush both evolved the concept of 2D Sonic, and Sonic Generations 3DS seemed like the perfect opportunity to celebrate that. Only it doesn't. Instead, SEGA have released a game that tries to mimic the HD version, fails, and then decides to attempt to celebrate the handheld series late on, resulting in a sometimes fun game with an obvious indentity crisis.

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