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Memorable Nintendo Direct Moments
Feature - First Published on 15/12/2012
2012 was a big year for Nintendo, and to get such vast quantities of information across, Nintendo Direct became a regular feature. But alongside the news came a rarely seen side of Nintendo, a side that was full of comedy moments. In this article, I take a look back at ten of the best moments from Nintendo Direct this year, including such classic moments as Iwata's Wii U unboxing, Shibata singing and of course, Non-Specific Action Figure.

This article proved extremely popular, so much so that Nintendo Europe's President, Satoru Shibata, mentioned his inclusion in it during his Christmas message.

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The Best of Nintendo Direct
Celebrating the funniest Nintendo Direct moments of 2012

Mention from Shibata!
My latest article receives recognition from Nintendo Europe's President!

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